The brand


As a brand of the haupt fashion group, we have been producing textiles since the year of our establishment in 1926. For over 90 years, we have pursued our passion for quality and creativity, which form the basis of our collections to deliver the best possible products for our customers. We strive for perfection in aesthetics and comfort, and create individual designs with high attention to detail. All together, this has made us renowned in Germany and far beyond, and today we deliver our products to customers around the world.


Our customers are men who have found their own style. Casual yet sharply dressed style underlines the confident look. High quality and beautiful fabrics and combined with the perfect fit and seam placement to create the perfect style.


Fashion is not a pragmatic choice but an emotional one. Confident style and nonchalance come together to create a laid-back look, while at no point overstating the individual style.


Not taking oneself too seriously arises from confidence and maturity.

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